Warning Bitejo is currently in beta testing. High value transactions are not advised.

Get Started

With Bitejo, you can buy and sell products, find work and hire people, exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat – all in one place.

To get started, signup and choose a username and password. No personal details required.

Publish a Listing

Publishing a listing is free. Describe your product, set a price (Bitejo has 0 fees) and click "Publish".


  1. Choose a category: Classifieds, Jobs or Exchanges.
  2. Describe the product, job or exchange. Add a title, description, tags, location (city/country or online) and optional photo.
  3. Set a fixed or flexible price and choose from the following payment methods: Cash, Bitcoin, Monero.
  4. Click "Publish".

Example Listings

  • Classifieds: Google Pixel 4a for sale. $300 in Bitcoin (flexible price). International shipping.
  • Classifieds: Looking for a studio apartment in Amsterdam. 800 €/month (flexible) in cash or Monero.
  • Jobs: Hiring a remote graphic designer to make a logo for my business. $200 fixed price in Bitcoin.
  • Jobs: Offering taxi and delivery services in Toronto. $2/km in Bitcoin or cash in person.
  • Exchanges: Crypto personal shopping. Send the product link and pay in Bitcoin or Monero. Limits $5 - $500, 10% fee.

Search Listings

Find what you need via an easy-to-use search engine.

Search for local and online products, services, jobs and exchanges.

Filter by listing type (buying, selling), terms, tags, location, price range, payment methods or seller. Sort by new, price or reviews.

Example Searches

  • Classifieds: Science fiction eBooks for sale for Monero, sorted by reviews.
  • Classifieds: People who are looking to buy used laptops with a budget of $200 or more.
  • Jobs: Remote software developers for hire who accept Monero, with search terms "PHP" and "SQL".
  • Jobs: Restaurants who are hiring chefs in New York City and pay in cash or Bitcoin.
  • Exchanges: Monero cash-in-person sellers in Tokyo, minimum purchase ¥5000 or lower.

Order a Listing

Easily buy and sell products for Bitcoin, Monero or cash.

Order notifications and a messenger feature keep you up-to-date about your order's status.

Review your order to build your reputation and help future customers.


  1. On the listing page, select a payment method (cash, Bitcoin or Monero) and write an optional order note, then click "Order".
  2. You receive a notification when the seller accepts or declines your order.
  3. After the seller accepts your order, send the specified amount of Bitcoin or Monero to the seller's address or pay in cash.
  4. When you have received your product, mark the order as complete.
  5. Now you can review the order.

Pay with Bitcoin

Bitcoin wallets such as Sparrow Wallet for desktop and Samourai Wallet for mobile make it easy to pay with Bitcoin.

Wallet Profile

Wallet Profiles offer an easy way to share your Bitcoin address or Monero address, calculate crypto-fiat prices and generate invoices.

Add your Bitcoin or Monero address to your profile to activate your Wallet Profile page.

Example Use Cases

  • A restaurant sets up a Bitcoin wallet and uses their Wallet Profile page to calculate the price of the meal. The customer scans the QR code and pays with their mobile wallet. The restaurant then sees the payment arrive to their wallet.
  • A Youtuber adds their Monero address to their profile and links to their Wallet Profile in video descriptions, in order to easily receive Monero tips from fans.

For more information, visit the About page.