Lycamobile Sim Card 30 Days 10Go+ Europe (Anonymous Internet)



(Fixed Price)




Hey, I propose to buy and activate from Portugal card for you, you will have anonymous internet if you put it in a device (hotspot 4G) that you bought cash and isn't close to your own device (because metadata works that way they locate you and people arround), i'm selling this because not every country can buy them or buy them by cash. I buy it 10€ I sell it to you 25$ with shipment include. If you want a lot it might take a bit longer since I need to resuply, also if you buy more than 10 the price is reduce to 20$ each. I don't keep any log or any data from you, I will take care of deleting anything related to you, we can exchange informations by PGP btw. I'm a huge fan of Monero and his community and I want to help people to have anonymous internet anywhere in Europe. You really can trust me, I hate so much the big companies, the banks and everything that try to remove freedom from us. Long live to Monero.

Published on 2022-11-04


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