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Occasional intervention:

Full Account Setup:

The architecture of the account is important, it must adapt to the marketing objectives, as well as to the budget put in place. The structure is defined at the level of the choice of keywords according to their quality scores as well as their potential interaction rates. The structure also takes place when constructing ads and segmenting campaigns under several ad groups to be able to manage future bidding strategies and budget allocation in a relevant way.
-Creation of campaigns
-Implementation of remarketing campaigns.
-Budget allocation across the entire Google Ads ecosystem (Shopping, Search, Display, Youtube, Gmail, Discover)
upgrade of strategic and budget applications
-Tips for future applications Strategies and best practices

This service is perfect if you have an internal marketing department with specialized knowledge but who can take over the management of the account over the coming months.

Intervention with follow-up:

-All of the above (One-time intervention) + All of the lists below
-Daily strategic applications
-Management of strategic levers such as CPA (Cost per acquisition), ROAS (Return on advertising spend) in order to achieve the objectives set. These levers are sensitive and must be monitored on a daily basis to achieve the expected results.
-Daily competitive intelligence
-Analyze auction results and campaign positioning against competitors for better strategic applications.
-Weekly monthly adjustments
-Distribution of the budget across the Google Ads ecosystem based on observed results and preferred needs.
-Accurate and detailed monthly reports (or weekly if necessary)
In-depth work on the quality of keywords, ads, campaign architecture.
-Update of products as well as the latest Google Ads features.

I also emphasize that for this service, if after these 3 months, I am unable to improve the results of your account, the cost of my service will be halved if you wish to renew the 3-month contract
The price is monthly and is subject to change depending of your activity.

Published on 2022-09-25


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