Cyber Security Expert


3 Silver Ounce

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I have a good deal of experience in computer security. I can help you preemptively protect your business from attack, or provide incident response and remediation when an attack succeeds.

I understand that this is work is fairly sensitive and it may not make sense to expose the infrastructure of your business to someone on the internet. If that's a concern, I can do a purely "black box" analysis where I approach your security the way any hacker on the internet could. I can also create a cyber security plan and train you or your staff with security practices suited to your level of risk.

My rate is somewhere around 3 silver oz per hour, or $60 USD. The minimum number of hours I'll bill for is 5. I can provide discounts if your work has significant benefits to the alternative economy and you're just starting out.

Published on 2022-05-10


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