Seed Plate Kit for Cryptocurrencies



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Seed cold storage is compatible with any 12 or 24-word BIP 39 recovery seed phrase,works with all hardware wallets including TREZOR, Ledger Nano S and KeepKey
The Bitcoin Steel walllet is made of aviation aluminum alloy, and the surface is oxidized to form a thick aluminum oxide protective film, which is strong and durable. Alumina is very resistant to corrosion and high temperature (melting point is about 3700 °F)
Crypto wallet comes with Anti-Tamper Seals you can seal the plates with stickers , then if someone opens the plates, you'll be able to tell someone has accessed your key
Each seed plate 3.7inch*2.32inch*0.08inch. Each line(7mm/0.28inch) has enough room to carve any language.The numbers and lines on the plate are engraved with laser radium.

Published 2022-01-22


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