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This beautiful 500 piece work of art jigsaw puzzle features a ton of Monero XMR and other cryptocurrency references and memes hidden throughout the landscape
Some sections are easier than others; which makes it great for help from anyone age 9 or older
This puzzle can be broken down into 6 different sections A-F. On the back of the puzzle pieces are letters based on the section it belongs to. So, don’t look at these clues for a harder solve, or if you’re getting frustrated you can use these letters to know which section the piece belongs to
The original art comes from Giovanni Paolo Pannini from the 1700s. An artist who goes by TheMonera and midipoet released this customized puzzle in 2018 with a hidden XMR reward locked behind clues in this puzzle. A portion of every sale will go to support TheMonera’s work.
Should take 3-5 hours to complete this jigsaw puzzle

Published 2022-08-08


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