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Chapter 1 Why Gray Hat Hacking? Ethics and Law
Chapter 2 Programming Survival Skills
Chapter 3 Next-Generation Fuzzing
Chapter 4 Next-Generation Reverse Engineering
Chapter 5 Software-Defined Radio
Part II Business of Hacking
Chapter 6 So You Want to Be a Pen Tester?
Chapter 7 Red Teaming Operations
Chapter 8 Purple Teaming
Chapter 9 Bug Bounty Programs
Chapter 10 Getting Shells Without Exploits
Chapter 11 Basic Linux Exploits
Chapter 12 Advanced Linux Exploits
Chapter 13 Windows Exploits
Chapter 14 Advanced Windows Exploitation
Chapter 15 PowerShell Exploitation
Chapter 16 Next-Generation Web Application Exploitation
Chapter 17 Next-Generation Patch Exploitation
Chapter 18 Dissecting Mobile Malware
Chapter 19 Dissecting Ransomware
Chapter 20 ATM Malware
Chapter 21 Deception: Next-Generation
Chapter 22 Internet of Things to Be Hacked
Chapter 23 Dissecting Embedded Devices
Chapter 24 Exploiting Embedded Devices
Chapter 25 Fighting IoT Malware

Published 2023-04-10


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